How exactly are vertical blinds different from horizontal blinds? Well, to start with horizontal blinds are more commonly used, and they are mostly seen on windows that are small or medium sized. The slats range from 1.5-2 inches, and they are supposed to be lifted up and down to open and close usually with a mechanism such as a cord. Vertical blinds on the other hand, hang down from a railing, and they can be slid left to right to open, either manually or with some opening mechanism. They are more popular on sliding glass doors, as compared to small windows.




  • They both provide protection from the light, and they are both very effective in doing so. They can completely block out the light if that is what you are looking for, which is why they are more commonly used in bedrooms.
  • They are both made using similar materials such vinyl, wood, plastic, making them very easy to install no matter how big they are.


Benefits of Vertical blinds


  • They are great for sliding doors and large windows. If you have a sliding door in your house that open to the balcony or the garden, then you should not consider getting horizontal blinds because they definitely will not be practical. Vertical blinds are very easy to open and close in these cases, whereas the horizontal ones can potentially get ruined if they are open and closed that frequently.
  • They are very easy to clean. They don’t collect as much dust as horizontal blinds do, and you can clean them without having to worry about the colour fading.
  • They are better at blocking light. Because of the wider slats, they are able to be block more light.


Benefits of Horizontal Blinds


  • They are better at providing privacy because once closed, there are absolutely no gaps and this means the interior of your house is less probable to be exposed.
  • They are great for skinny windows meaning tall and narrow. Just as the vertical blinds were better for sliding doors, horizontal blinds are more practical for such types of windows.
  • Because they don’t touch the floor, they won’t collect the dust and dirt on your floors because they just rest on window sills.
  • They don’t wear out as quickly as vertical blinds because of the way they are opened and closed.


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