Rugs really bring out the best in a room, wherever they are place. Not only does a rug add to the aesthetics, they are also very functional. When shopping for rugs, you should be aware of the different types you will come across in the markets.


There two main types of handmade rugs:


  1. Pile rugs


The name basically comes from how it looks which means that it has a pile effect to it i.e. it isn’t flat. Pile rugs can be hand knotted, hand loomed and hand hooked. The best of these are hand knotted ones which is essentially tying lots of knots together to make a rug. This is also what makes them the most durable. Lots of craftsmen get to work to make one hand knotted rug. Since so much time and effort goes into making pile rugs, they are towards the more expensive side.


  1. Flat Weaves


Just like the name suggests, these rugs are flat. The threads are tied vertically from top to bottom on a loom, that serves as the foundation for weaving. Different designs are made by using different colours and widths of the weft strands. These are usually imported from countries like Pakistan, India and Turkey.


When it comes to handmade rugs, nothing can match the durability, quality and beauty these rugs bring. Handmade rugs last for years, and can even be passed down to generations. A hand made rug in your house will be a literal piece of art that you will own.


Machine made rugs


Machines rugs are mass produced in factories by the use of synthetic materials and organic materials. Since they are produced in large quantities, it makes them cheaper to buy, which is why you probably see the same rug in different houses. Unlike handmade rugs, these rugs aren’t of the best quality and they don’t last as long. They’re look is also cheap, and they are hard to maintain in case of spillage. If you are short on budget, and want something for the time being, machine made rugs are a good option for that, but later on you should definitely invest in a hand made rug if you get the chance to. Another way to tell whether a rug is machine or hand made, is that the machine made ones will have a fringe sewn on to the back.



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